“Together in transition” – local self-governments take part in the project for supporting education of students from vulnerable groups

11 September 2020

Meetings with the representatives of Centre for Education Policy, that started in June and are being realised during the month of September, were the initial step that ten cities and municipalities from Serbia (Aleksinac, Becej, Bor, Zabalj, Knjazevac, Leskovac, Nis, Novi Sad, Surdulica i Cuprija) took in order to take part in realisation of the project “Together in transition”.

Cities and municipalities took part in the project in order to ensure that, in local self-governments  and on the level of local communities, factors that negatively affect on students’ educational path are comprehended and identified, and, respectively, to overcome the challenges that students and their families face in transition from primary to secondary schools and while attending secondary school.

Within this project, local self-governments will, through systematic approach, provide support to primary and secondary schools in increasing the number of students from vulnerable groups that enrol and successfully complete secondary school and, inter alia, will develop local action plans for supporting the continuation of education of students from vulnerable groups.

In that manner, by wisely designed participation of local self-governments, prospects will be provided so that students that are in risk of discontinuation of education acquire secondary level of education, that is, get necessary qualifications that will potentiate better labour market position and further education.

More information about the project is available at CEP page on long-term projects.