Project “Networking for agricultural schools in Serbia”

09 April 2018

From January to April 2018, Centre for education policy has been implementing project “Networking for agricultural schools in Serbia”, in cooperation with Institute for Improvement of Education and European training foundation.

The objective of the project is to improve digital competences of vocational subject teachers from agriculture schools in Serbia, i.e. their competences for using the digital teaching materials.

Teachers from 28 agricultural schools participated at the AgroNet training, which included the one-day face-to-face event and a two-week online training using the Moodle platform.

Results of the questionnaire show that, after the training, teachers have significantly changed perceptions about their digital competences in relation to the period before the training (picture 1).

Picture 1.

As the project results, an online platform called AgroNet Serbia has been established for placing and downloading the materials developed during the AgroNet training.

Digital materials that teachers can use (organised by grades from 1st to 4th) are available on the platform.