National Report for Serbia and Policy Brief Published within the ARISE Project

26 February 2021

The regional project "Action for Reducing Inequalities in Education" (ARISE), implemented in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo *, North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey, addresses issues of social inclusion of students with low socio-economic status (SES).

One of the several ways in which the project seeks to improve the position of students with low SES is to act at the policy level, through advocacy and constructive dialogue with national governments, as well as through raising awareness among key actors in education.

In this regard, the project consortium partners conducted research and policy analysis in the field of education, social care and health care and based on that designed national reports that provide an overview of existing policies and current indicators that contribute to equity, the main barriers for low SES students, as well as conclusions and recommendations aimed at improving equity in the education system.

Centre for Education Policy has prepared a National Report for Serbia, which is available in Serbian and English language.

In addition to the report, a policy brief was made, which presents an overview of the most important up-to-date data on child and youth poverty in Serbia, children from vulnerable groups, the effects of poverty on student achievement according to PISA, main obstacles to equity in education, recommendations for overcoming those obstacles and also presents an example of a educational policy measure that contributes to the realization of equity in the educational system.

Policy brief is available in Serbian and English language.

Reports and policy briefs of other project participants will be published on the ARISE website.