How inclusive is our school? A handbook for self-evaluation and external evaluation

27 September 2013

Centre for Education Policy has published a handbook for self-evaluation and external evaluation of school inclusiveness "How inclusive is our school?" The handbook is a result of the project "Monitoring of inclusive education," which was conducted by the Centre for Education Policy in cooperation with the Serbian Institute for Quality of Education and with the support from the Open Society Foundation. The handbook is intended to assist schools in Serbia in assessing their own inclusiveness and to strengthen the external evaluation of educational inclusion. The handbook aims to explain the key points and difficulties in the implementation of inclusive education and tends to approach the teachers idea that inclusive education is the question of education quality.
Based on the existing Quality Standards of Educational Institutions in Serbia, additional evidence and descriptions of behaviour have been provided which witness the inclusiveness of schools and which link the process of self-evaluation with the external evaluation of quality. Three schools have developed their own tools how to conduct a self-evaluation of inclusiveness and their reports represent an integral section of this publication.
The authors hope that this handbook will contribute to the strengthening of the process of improving inclusive education in Serbia.
The handbook (in Serbian only) can be downloaded here.