Director of the Centre for Education Policy Participant at the Kopaonik Business Forum panel

11 March 2019

Every year in the first week of March, the Serbian Association of Economists organizes the Kopaonik Business Forum.
The Kopaonik Business Forum brings together representatives of decision-makers, experts, faculty professors, private sector representatives, domestic and foreign investors and other relevant actors who talk about important economic and social topics during the Forum's three-day duration.
At this year's Kopaonik Business Forum, which lasted from 3rd to 6th March, the director of the Centre for Education Policy, Jasminka Čekić Marković, took part in the panel "Human Capital – a Constraint or an Opportunity for Robust Growth?"
The CEP Director pointed to the necessity and importance of investing in teacher training because teachers are the most important internal schooling factor that affects students' achievement.
In addition to the Director of the Centre for Education Policy, at the panel also spoke, Ivanka Popovic, Rector, University of Belgrade, Mirjana Rasevic, Principal Research Fellow, Head of Centre for Demographic Research, Institute of Social Sciences, Mladen Sarcevic, Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development, the Government of the Republic of Serbia and Zivorad Vasic, Deputy Director of Delta Holding.