Council of Europe New Project Phase Launched

13 January 2020

Starting November 2019, Centre for Education Policy (CEP) is a part of the Council of Europe’s project “Quality Education for All (Quality Ed – Serbia)”, that is built upon on the results of the previous project “Fostering a democratic school culture in schools in Serbia” (2017-2019) and represents a new project phase.

New project objective is to foster quality education by supporting schools and local communities in their efforts to fight prejudges and discrimination towards vulnerable groups, using the Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture of the Council of Europe.

Network comprised of 20 pilot schools established within the previous project will serve as a base for sharing good practices and providing mentorship for new schools. Additional 40 schools from different places from Serbia are included in the project, apart from 20 pilot schools.

CEP provides team of local experts who deliver support to Council of Europe in local implementation of the mentioned project.

CEP will continue to support 20 pilot schools from the previous project in designing and implementation of schools’ action plans as well as in building capacities of employees. In addition, CEP will support mentors, teachers and professional associates from 20 pilot schools, in sharing their practices towards new 40 schools.

Please see locations of all schools which are participating in the project on this map.