Closing conference of the project "Monitoring of inclusive education"

04 October 2013

Center for Education Policy and the Open Society Foundation on 25th September 2013, in Belgrade, held a closing conference of the project "Monitoring of inclusive education."

Findings of research that were conducted during the project and published in two publications: "Educational inclusion of Roma children: a report on the monitoring of primary education" and Manual for self-evaluation and external evaluation of the inclusivity of school "How inclusive is our school?" were presented at the conference. Also, inclusive education in Serbia today was one of the topics, as well as experiences and best practices in the implementation of inclusive education at the national and international level, and the speakers were: Ljiljana Deljanin from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Peter Rado, international consultant of the project from Hungary, Gordana Cvetković, Head of School Administration Belgrade, Jelena Najdanović Tomić from the Institute for Evaluation of Quality of Education, Tatjana Stojić from the Open Society Foundation and Jelena Marković from the Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit. Vitomir Jovanović also addressed the assembly as the project coordinator and one of the authors of the study, together with the other authors of the study, Danijela Petrović and Zdenka Milivojević, while presenting the results of research monitoring of inclusive education in primary schools, with emphasis on the situation of Roma students.

During the consultative meetings with representatives of the Institute for Evaluation of Quality of Education, school advisers and representatives of primary schools, during the project, additional evidence of inclusiveness of schools were developed which are aligned with the vast majority of national standards and indicators of quality of schools, and thus an instrument which could enable more objective and comprehensive view of the development of inclusive schools was created. Part of the conference was dedicated to the presentation of the results of testing of that instrument, which was conducted in three primary schools in Belgrade: Elementary school "Ćirilo i Metodije", "Vuk Stefanović Karadžić" and "Despot Stefan Lazarević". Representatives from these schools presented their reports on the conducted process, as well as some specifics which occurred during this process.

Participants of the conference were representatives of: the schools that were visited during the research and in which data were collected and instruments for monitoring of educational inclusion of Roma children tested, school advisors which were actively involved in the project, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, researchers and experts, as well as representatives of other interested parties.