Centre for Education Policy at ECER 2014

09 September 2014

At the European Conference on Education Research (ECER) under the title The Past, the Present and Future of Educational Research in Europe that took place at the University of Porto from 1 - 5 September 2014, the representatives of Centre for Education Policy have contributed to the two events.  

Within the poster session, CEP resercher Vitomir Jovanovic presented the Longitudinal study of children from deprived environments in Serbian education system: identification of critical periods for developing additional educational support (prepared by Vitomir Jovanovic and Jasminka Cekic Markovic). This presentation arose from the research done within the CEP’s project Monitoring Inclusive Education implemented from 2011 till 2013. Complete study, in Serbian language, is available for download here

CEP associate, Gordana Miljevic, has chaired a symposium: Changing Teacher Professionality: Research and Practical Interventions in Europe and Beyond. A symposium was convened by Dr David Frost from Cambridge University Faculty of Education. The papers, presentations and new initiatives draw from and build on the work of HertsCam networkInternational Teacher Leadership Project initiated by Cambridge University Network Leadership for Learning. There were 8 short presentations covering research and practical interventions in 7 countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Palestine, Portugal, Romania and the United Kingdom). The all symposium material is downloadable from here.

The participation of CEP representatives, presenters from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia was supported by Education Support Program of Open Society Foundations

This ECER conference was an opportunity for research community to look back on the development and impact of educational research in Europe – as well as to look forward to its future. The conference is organised on annual basis by the European Educational Research Association EERA.