Analysis on teachers and support personnel

04 May 2020

In cooperation with Network of education policy centers (NEPC), Centre for education policy is working on designing a chapter of UNESCO Regional report on inclusion and education in Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, within the 4 sustainable development goal (SDG) progress reporting.

CEP is responsible for chapter called “Teachers and support personnel” and it deals with the level of professional preparedness and training of school staff for implementation of inclusive education policies, level of school staff professional development in the area of inclusive education and their motivation.

Within this assignment, CEP is responsible for data analysis on teachers and support personnel from a total of 31 countries.

Data collection is done in partnership with European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education.

In its final form, “Teachers and support personnel” chapter will present comparative analysis and main trends in the countries covered by the Report, as well as the conclusions and recommendations for improvement of policies related to school staff and inclusive education.